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Brain Simulator III Mar 7, 2024 Online Meeting

By March 11, 2024One Comment


This is a video of the live online community event about Brain Simulator III held on 3/7/24.

Next meeting scheduled for April 11, 2024.  Check out the Events Page for details.

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Wes Raykowski
Wes Raykowski
1 month ago

Regarding the segment on “two-year-old … inventing the concept of colors (11 min 55 sec)”:

Instead of colors, I would suggest considering the tactile faculty. The concept of colors is challenging to generalize, as they emerge from the interaction of three receptors with nonlinear curves that overlap, resulting in literally millions of colors. To manage cognitive load, humans tend to categorize them. Each of these millions of colors can be varied by adjusting their intensities. Additionally, peripheral vision poses further complexities.

In contrast, tactile experiences are much easier to conceptualize, as their activation is proportional to indentation, at least in some parts of the hand. Touch is a component of a broader concept known as proprioception, which underscores its significance for robotics.

For further exploration of this topic, please refer to my article “Is There Such a Thing as Orthogonyms?” (Section 4.2) in Cognitive Semantics 5 (2019).
Cheers, Wes

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