Brain Simulator III

The project for creating Artificial Common Sense

Coming Soon!

An end-to-end Common Sense laboratory.

Focused on the Universal Knowledge Store (UKS) which is a high-performance relational knowledge system representing our best approach to creating common sense. The UKS may be a roadmap for the way large portions of the human brain work.

Brain Simulator III is intended to create an end-to-end system with modules for vision, hearing, robotic control, learning, internal modeling, and even planning, imagination, and forethought. The incremental development strategy is creating the simplest ideas first.

Common Sense relates to interaction with the real world as well as verbal and factual comprehension. Brain Simulator III development is centered on adding Common Sense to a robotic/artificial entity called “Sallie.” Play the video to learn more and see Sallie in action.

Block diagram of the Brain Simulator III featuring the Universal Knowledge Store (UKS).

Block diagram of Sallie’s simulated world and how the UKS can implement facets of Common Sense.