Join the Most Exciting Project on the Planet!

The possibilities are endless. You can help the Society move to greater heights with more members, more activities, more content, and more action. We have great ideas and are looking for multiple ways to present them. Lend a hand and add your ideas to the mix!

Website design and implementation:

If you know WordPress website development and would like to help out, we can make this site even better!

Social Media:

Participants and administrators needed. On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.  Help get our ideas out and recruit new Society members.


Computer science, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, etc. Let’s set up a discussion group for sharing ideas on how to had Common Sense to AI

This Just In!

Contribute to our news section. Send in a link to an article, video, website, or other useful information  and a few sentences about why it is interesting and what your reaction is.  It can be added to the This Just In! section of the website.

If you’re a programmer…

Send in a contact form or watch an online video presentations here. We’re here to help get you started. For more active development, send join a live conference to get your questions answered.  Open Source software development is on GitHub.  See the Technology pages.

Anything Else!

People who want to be a part of the Future of AI, the most exciting project on the planet!  Have an idea as to how you can help make the Society better?  Let us know!