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Brain Simulator III

Automated Knowledge Capture

By March 14, 2024No Comments

This is an initial description of an extension to the Brain Simulator III.  Ongoing development and experimentation will contribute to more details.


The Brain Simulator relies on its ability to handle large amounts of data to draw conclusions and implement Common Sense. In order to jumpstart the knowledge base, an agent within the Brain Simulator will:

  1. automatically recognize when additional knowledge is needed
  2. then go to one or more online information sources to retrieve it
  3. add the retrieved information to the UKS

Experimentation for this process has begun in the module “OnlineInfo” which can reach out to any of eight data sources to retrieve information. These include ChatGPT and an online kids dictionary which contains simple definitions  and simple images for many objects. Item 2 (above) works reasonably well either through APIs provided by the data sources or though webpage scraping. Items 1 and 3 are hard-coded proof-of-concept stubs.

Issues to be Addressed

How can the agent select which information to search for?

How is retrieved data parsed and formatted so it can be put into the UKS?

How will the agent handle conflicting and/or erroneous data?

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