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Artificial intelligence act: Council and Parliament strike a deal on the first rules for AI in the world

By December 11, 2023No Comments


My quick read of this summary of the new AI act tells me that it doesn’t impact us much at this time. #notlegaladvice  I would appreciate input from others.

The EU has adopted regulations to rein in the uncontrolled proliferation of AI but it appears to focus on applications and what can be done with data created by AI.  There are curbs on emotion recognition, behavior manipulation, untargeted facial recognition, and the like. Although the penalties are potentially huge, this seems a long ways away from what we’re doing.

This link is to the original Press Release from the EU Council.  There are numerous press summaries which may be clearer but may be less accurate.

Take a look!


Council of the European Union (press release) 9 December, 2023.

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